How to reach Bari Airport Palese?

The International airport "Karol Wojtyla" of Bari, is a key element in the development process of an area, in southern Italy, it is characterized by its special economic dynamism.

The current passenger airport covers an area of  about 30,000 square meters on five levels, built according to the highest safety standards and efficiency, making it one of the most significant structures of the Italian airport system.

Besides the terminal, Bari includes various flight infrastructure, aprons, taxiways and roads modernized in recent years.

With the redevelopment of infrastructure process, Bari airport has experienced in recent years a progressive increase in passenger traffic, thanks to the strengthening of the various national connections, but above all thanks to the launch of scheduled flights to major European cities (Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Basel, Brussels, Cologne, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Madrid, Monaco, Paris, Stuttgart, Zurich) with new areas that look out progressively on the European economic situation (Romania and Albania).

Aeroporto di Bari Palese

Getting to and from Bari Palese Airport by train

Unlike some international airports in Italy, Bari Airport has its own on-site railway station. However, this does not pose too many problems for the passengers in the Airport of Bari, arriving as there are bus services linking the airport with the central station of Bari. It is Bari Central, and is located in Piazza Aldo Moro.

Buses from Bari airport to the train station are Amtab buses and buses Storm. The AMTAB Buses are the cheapest option, and the service number of city bus 16. Employ a little 'more time to reach the train station than buses Storm, because they have more stops along the routes.

Storm buses directly connect the airport to Bari Central, and takes about 25-30 minutes, compared with 35-45 minutes of Amtab bus. The AMTAB buses leave the airport every 40 to 60 minutes, and tickets cost € 0.80 (this is the price for the tickets, which must be used within 75 minutes). Storm Buses are available regularly from Bari Airport, and tickets cost € 4.15. One advantage the bus Storm is that you can pay the driver directly, and you do not have to worry about buying a ticket in advance.

Piazza Aldo Moro there are actually three train stations close to each other, between the central station of Bari. The main station is used by the national railway network operated by Trenitalia. The second area of  railway platforms are run by the South Eastern Railway. These are the small trains, and their destinations are areas in Puglia. They stop in many popular tourist destinations such as Alberobello and Martina Franca. Tickets for these trains can be purchased at the ticket office next to the train tracks.

In addition to Bari Centrale and the Ferrovie Sud Est trains, there are two other stations, and these are managed by the Ferrovie Nord Barese and Railways Appulo Lucane. The Nord Barese Railways trains travel inward, towards Barletta (northwest). Their stops are intemedie Ruvo di Puglia and Andria (Castel del Monte). The Appulo Lucane Railways train stations are right next to the Ferrovie Nord Barese, only one flight of stairs. These trains travel towards the region of Basilicata, and stop to Matera.

Getting to and from Bari Palese Airport by bus

The international airport of Bari, offers a wide range of bus services available for passengers who bring in Bari and in other surrounding areas. There is also a bus service that connects the airport of Bari with other Apulian airports of Brindisi, Foggia and Taranto. Buses are easy to find at the airport, as start directly outside the terminal, and the bus stop area is well signposted.

The cheapest bus service from Bari airport is AMTAB Bus. This is the city bus service, and the bus is number 16. They travel to Piazza Aldo Moro, which is right next to the central station of Bari. This is an ideal destination if you are going to continue the journey by train, However there are actually three different railway stations next to each other in the square.

The AMTAB buses make a few stops on their route and include Capitaneo, Ranieri and Diaz. Other stops include Viale Europa, Via B. Buozzi, Via Crispi, Via Piccinni, Via Q. Sella and Corso Italy. The exact times can be found at the airport bus stop, or if you are traveling to the airport, the site of Piazza Moro or in a local magazine called All City. In general, however, the buses leave the airport every 40-60 minutes, and are available between the hours of 05:00 and 21:30. Since Bari is only about 8 km from the airport, the bus travel time is relatively short, about 35 to 45 minutes. The bus tickets cost € 0.80. These are the cheapest tickets which must be used within 75 minutes of purchase.

The second bus service is available from Bari Storm Bus. It is also shuttle buses traveling to the central station of Bari, but are a bit 'faster than AMTAB bus, because their path is more direct. However, they are a bit 'more expensive. Their ticket price for a one way trip is € 4.15. The journey takes about 25 to 30 minutes to reach the Bari train station. Another advantage of traveling by bus Storm, is that you can pay for your ticket on the bus, then, you need not worry about buying a ticket in advance. Storm buses are operating from the airport until 23:20.

To reach other airports Puglia Foggia, Brindisi and Taranto, passengers should take Pugliairbus. These buses operate during the summer months between 16 June and 13 September, and are actually a free service. also connect the airport of Bari to other major cities outside of Puglia, including Matera. The Pugliairbuses do not run as like the other buses, and Sunday. Three daily services are available to those from Taranto, Altamura - Matera, Foggia FS and from the Brindisi airport. The Pugliairbuses of services are only available for passengers with a plane ticket, or those with a confirmed reservation. However, it is best to make a reservation for these on-line bus, in advance of your arrival at the airport of Bari. Reservations can be made at

Getting to and from Bari Palese Airport by car

To get to Bari Airport by car from the north:
- Highway A14, exit Bari Nord
- Bari Tangenziale (direction. Foggia)
- Exit Airport

As if coming from the south:
- Highway A14, exit Bari Sud
- SP 271 (DIR. BARI)
- Bari Tangenziale (direction. Foggia)
- Exit Airport

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