How to reach Venice Airport Marco Polo?


 The Marco Polo Airport is an international airport 13 km away from the center of Venice and is named after Marco Polo. From the year 2001 onwards it is the third airport Italian airport in terms of passenger numbers.

This position is a prize to the strategy of accommodating many flights point to point, as opposed to the concept of hub of flights, especially in Northern Italy, as would penalize the Milan Malpensa airport performance.

The airport of Venice is part of an airport system which includes the Treviso airport, revamped and is much favored by low cost airlines such as Ryanair; For this reason, complete the offer of the airport of Tessera flights.

Marco Polo Airport in Venice

Get to the Marco Polo Airport in Venice by train

You should not use this means of transport to reach the airport of Venice.

The same company that runs the Venezia Express bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma, also runs a bus that connects the airport to Mestre train station. It is a ticket which costs € 3 for a 20 minute journey.

The Mestre train station is the nearest stop for the train at the airport connected with the main station Venezia Saint Lucia. The train ride from Mestre to Saint Lucia lasts barely more than ten minutes, and a ticket from Mestre to Saint Lucia will cost a few Euros there. So if your final destination is the Venetian islands, it is advisable to use a bus or you can take a vaporetto Alilunga without bothering to get on and off the bus and then take the train or vice versa.

If you're heading to other parts of the Veneto region, on the other hand, the Mestre train station is much more well-connected that regional bus ATVO. So take a ATVO bus from Venice to Mestre station is an excellent choice - provided that you are not actually going to Venice.

Get to the Marco Polo Airport in Venice by bus

The cheapest way to Venice airport transport is the bus, and there are two options that connect the Marco Polo airport with Piazzale Roma. Piazzale Roma is in the corner of Venice alongside the road bridge of the lagoon. Unless you're staying nearby, so you will need to use public services such as the Venice water buses to continue the journey - that's why the Alilaguna boat from the airport is often a faster choice.

Buses leave from a row of stops in front of the exit of the airport terminal.

An express bus service is run by a company called ATVO - the line is the number 35, but it is clearly labeled for Venice. It works directly from Piazzale Roma to the airport and vice versa, takes 20 minutes, costs 5 €. Details and schedules for buses are available at the airport and on ATVO websites. Leave approximately every half hour, and last departure from the airport is at 00:20.

A local city bus service, the number 5, also connects the airport to Piazzale Roma. This is run by ACTV, it is usually an orange or blue bus, and is the cheapest option, at a cost of € 2.50. He stops along the way, but it's reasonably fast, with a journey time of 25 minutes (traffic permitting). 5 leaves the airport every half hour until 23:10, after which there are services at 00:10 and 01:10.

Get to the airport Marco Polo of Venice by car

There is a road that connects the Venice Airport with the city. But in any case it is advisable to use the car, perhaps by renting it at the airport if you want to reach the center of Venice.

If you still have time to spend in Italy after our stay in Venice, then it is advisable to take the rental car at the airport to leave the city and explore the surrounding area but there is no reason to rent a car at the airport and to just drive up to the parking lot of Piazzale Roma to leave it parked there while you have to use another means of transport to reach the city.

From Bologna: walk along the A13 motorway towards Padova; Take the A4 motorway towards Venice; continue on A57 towards Venice; at the end of the motorway, after the tollbooth of Venice Mestre (barrier), take the ring road towards the airport and follow the directions.

From Milan: walk along the A4 motorway towards Venice; continue on A57 towards Venice, at the end of the motorway, after the tollbooth of Venice Mestre (barrier), take the ring road towards the airport and follow the directions.

From Trieste: take the A4 motorway towards Venice; at the end of the motorway, after Quarto D'Altino exit, go to Venice and take the exit for the airport;

From Belluno: Take the A27 motorway towards Venice; at the end of the motorway, after the tollbooth of Mogliano Veneto, follow the signs to the Marco Polo Airport in Venice.

By the coast of Jesolo: Take the SS Triestina SS14 towards Venice and follow the signs to the airport.

Get to the Marco Polo Airport in Venice by taxi

You can take a taxi from the ordinary, but of course can only take you to Piazzale Roma, after which you will need to take a boat or continue the journey on foot through Venice. If your flight is delayed for Venice, especially the night after the public autobis service has ceased its activity (around 01:00) then the best solution is to share a taxi with other passengers to Piazzale Roma. It costs about 30 €. In Venice a shuttle boat service runs through the city even at night, albeit with reduced frequency.

Get to the Marco Polo Airport in Venice by water taxi or ferry

A water taxi is by far the most romantic and glamorous way to arrive in Venice - especially if your hotel has a grand hotel and has a direct entrance from the water. This is a very expensive option, it could cost up to 110 €. There is an airport terminal managed by the Consortium Launches Venice where you can arrange a water taxi.

A cheaper way to get to Venice by boat is to take a public ferry. A ferry service called Alilaguna water buses uses the lagoon and has a number of major stops in Venice, including St. Mark's, rafts and Arsenal, as well as the Lido and Murano. Check the maps to make sure you get off at the closest stop to your accommodation is very tiresome lugging bags around the narrow streets and bridges of Venice. If your hotel is in a remote location, such as the Lido, an Alilaguna ferry can be your means of transportation more efficacei. Alilaguna run several different routes, distinguished by color, so be sure to take the best solution for your destination. A one-way ticket costs € 15 and a round trip will cost € 25.

It takes several minutes walk (following the signs) between a stop and the other ferry on the shore of the lagoon. Tickets for ferries can be purchased at one spotello in the arrivals hall and also in the dock areas.

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