How to reach Pisa Airport Galileo Galilei?


The airport International "Galileo Galilei" of Pisa is the largest and most important airport in Tuscany. Compared to Florence Airport includes a wider airstrip that allows takeoff and landing on the part of larger aircraft, both for passenger and freight.

The airport property is the Air Force dates back to the First World War and then developed over the years 30 'becoming permanent seat of 46º Storm up from 1940.

Destroyed in World War II and rebuilt after the war, in the 50s saw the gradual resumption of commercial flights in the absence of a real civil air terminal building and using the forecourts to the command of the flock, sostiuito to the '60 - ' 70 from what is called the current civilian airport Galileo Galilei.

The large capacity of the runways and the favorable weather conditions make it possible to operate all aircraft operated by commercial companies.

After opening to international routes Florence airport at the end of the eighties is downsized passenger traffic, especially those related to tourism, but with the development of the low cost airlines' 90s, has successfully conquered this type of market, remaining the only Tuscan airport to act as direct flights to low cost flights, arriving and departing to and from European countries.

The airport is connected with the larger European capitals, and since 2007 also with New York.

 Aeroporto di Pisa Galileo Galilei

Getting to and from Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport by bus

Public transport - bus and train (Pisa and Florence)
Outside the Terminal arrivals buses are waiting to transport travelers to the center of Pisa, the bus stop can be recognized by the big blue sign saying City Bus. The bus company is 'Compagnia Pisana Trasporti' and the bus line in the direction of Pisa 'LAM Rossa'. You can buy tickets at the information desk or the automatic machine of blue tickets for € 1.20 each; Tickets are valid for 60 minutes and can be validated in the bus. The bus leaves every 10 minutes and the journey to Pisa Centrale train station it takes only 6 minutes. If you want to get in the city center, it is best to remain seated until you reach the bus stop 'Torre-Hospital St. Clare'. The journey time to the center of Pisa is estimated at 14 minutes. From the railway station for a train to Florence three times per hour; tickets are available from € 8.40 for a single trip. The train ride to and from the main train station in Florence S.M. Novella takes 60 minutes on average. E 'can also take a train to Florence from Pisa airport, but this train leaves only a couple of times a day. Please consult the timetable of CPT buses on the Trenitalia website for more information.

Transport by bus - Terravision (Florence)
There is also a direct connection to Florence; transport Terravision bus to the train station in Florence S.M. Novella takes about 60 minutes. In many cases this is the last stop, but in some cases, the bus continues Florence airport. A bus leaves about once every hour from the airport and around the city. Tickets are available at the Terravision office at the airport and through the Terravision web site; Children under 4 travel free.

Getting to and from Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport by train

The airport is located 1 km from Pisa Centrale railway station. From Pisa central station you can reach any destination of the Italian rail network.

By the end of September 2016, the new connection will be faster PisaMover is fully automatic link the Pisa airport to Pisa Centrale station 5/8 minutes daily, from 06:00 to 24:00 p.m.

Until the end of September 2016 the transfer to the central station of Pisa from airport is guaranteed by PisaMover bus service with a departure schedule every 10 minutes and an 8-minute travel time.

To Pisa Central Station, the bus stop is located near the platform 14, from which you can easily reach other platforms and the main entrance of the station. Below the PisaMover calendar:

- December 24, 2015: 06:00 until 08:00
- December 25, 2015: 08:00 until 20:00
- December 26, 2016: 08:00 until 24:00
- 31 dec 2016: from 06:00 until 08:00
- January 1, 2016: 08:00 until 24:00

Getting to the airport of Pisa Galileo Galilei car

The airport is fully integrated in the Tuscan motorway network. Has direct access to the Florence-Pisa-Livorno (Pisa Centro - Aeroporto exit), for the A12 Genova-Rosignano (Pisa Centro exit), the motorway A11 Florence-Pisa North (through the connection tract Pisa North with A12), and SS 1 "Aurelia". Traffic flows are almost always without particular queues on the entire road network. All of Tuscany is easily accessible:

- Pisa Center 10 min
- Livorno 20 min
- Lucca 30 min
- Viareggio 30 min
- Massa Carrara 40 min
- Florence 45 min
- Pistoia 45 min
- Prato 50 min
- Arezzo 1 h 30 min
- Grosseto 1 h 45 min
- Siena 2 h 00 mi

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